Brazil Stars Soccer Club:

We focus on long term development. We believe we have a very strong set of coaches who can take kids who have some level of talent for this game and over a period of 3-4 years or more can develop them into soccer players. We are patient with our coaches and we seek patience from our players and parents. We are not concerned with where our players will play in 1 year. We are concerned with where they will be when they are 11 or 12.
We see the fruits of this in watching a lot of our teams play throughout the season. No matter what level, we always see our teams trying to play the game properly, passing the ball around patiently, trying to build up the attack and not relying on a single superstar player. It doesn’t always win games but it does develop players and the same time give freedom for our little stars shine individual skills.

Developing a Soccer Culture is one of the most important steps in creating a positive soccer environment for teams, players, or parents who comes to soccer with different objectives, but all must have a positive approach to training and education.

We recognize, and we live new experiences every day, all players regardless of age or ability, need technical, tactical development. Every Brazil Stars Soccer Club training session from 3-4 years old through high school aged players follow our Unique Targeted Training System. We don’t do try-outs or pick players to form a team, we forming athletes. We focus education based on sports discipline, soccer fundamentals, good grades and school.

Soccer Program:
The Brazil Stars Soccer Club Methods allow players and coaches to participate in soccer on a regular year round basis. Through a blend of individual training and team focused programs, we provide a progressive structure that focus upon long term player and team development.

We have active affiliation with National Soccer Associations, where we keeping our curriculum strong and challenging for every level of player. We firmly believe adopting one philosophy of coaching has limitations when working with youth soccer players, but we have confidence in our curriculum and applied coaching methods, the experiences has been proven that the Brazil Stars Soccer Club Techniques really works, when applied by trained coaches through the medium of relevant seasonal programs such as US Club Soccer Tournament Affiliated, other games tournaments formats such as 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 or 5×5 Tournaments. Then our curriculum do expose players and coaches to an unsurpassed level of information through competitions.

Brazil Stars Soccer Club trainers represent professionalism, Integrity, and have a wealth of soccer knowledge. We respect our trainers and provide an environment for them to be successful and focused on what they love to do…. be a Coach! Brazil Stars Soccer Club trainers are certificated by US Soccer federation, to attend exclusively our program, they have had a complete background check confirming their suitability to work with children.