About Paulo Luz

Hello, my name is Paulo Luz. I am from Brazil and I played soccer for 16 years pro level. I competed in 3 top teams (professional soccer level division one) for 12 years in Brazil and 4 years in Europe. In Brazil, I gained hands-on experience by playing pro level for many years for Sport Club Internacional – RS, Fluminense Football Club – RJ, and Esporte Clube Bahia – BA (Brazil). This allowed me to further develop my professional skills, particularly public relations, teamwork, and leadership. Additionally, I have lived in a number of countries (e.g. Portugal, France, Greece and Germany) and have always displayed good interpersonal skills with people of various origins, languages and mentalities. I am multilingual, enthusiastic, reliable, organized and hardworking.

Aside from having played pro soccer for many years in different countries. I have a strong background in coaching Professional players in Brazil. I have been teaching youth soccer players in USA from 3 – 19 years old in the Los Angeles Area for the last 19 years. I teach many facets of the game including ball control, mental toughness (resilience), groundstrokes, consistency, and all of the other fundamentals of the game. I excel, not only in assessing talent, but in providing then the techniques and tactics to develop that talent.